Let your beauty
glow with
Synchro Skin Glow
Luminizing Fluid Foundation

Formulated with responsive sensory technology, this is an intelligent, luminizing foundation that hydrates your skin while synchronizing with it to reveal a healthy, natural and brilliant glow.

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Synchro Skin Glow
Cushion Compact

Shiseido’s first intelligent cushion compact revives your skin’s luminosity with instant hydration. Now, you can achieve a healthy glow and flawless fresh look with just one tap.

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7 Lights
Powder Illuminator

Inspired by the rainbow-coloured powder from 100 years ago, this luminizing beauty powder helps your skin glow with the power of seven lights, giving you a fresh and vibrant look every time.

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A woman’s beauty is like a blooming flower—colorful, alluring and almost magical. It captivates you, drawing you to the glow that surrounds her.

Together with celebrated artist Mari Inaba, Shiseido presents “Let Your Beauty Glow”. Mari’s innovative use of intricate paper cut-outs on simple backgrounds fits perfectly with how Shiseido’s new Synchro Skin Glow Foundation turns a woman’s skin into a flawless canvas – so her beauty can Glow.

Meet Mari Inaba and discover the girl behind the art

Mari Inaba, a rising multi-talented Japanese artist, has a flair for creating intricate paper masterpieces. She is highly regarded within the beauty and fashion industry, having won several prestigious design awards.

You can see more of her work at www.mariinaba.net

Let your Beauty Glow free wallpapers

Love the art and want to carry it with you? Why not download beautiful wallpapers for your phone or desktop?